Fanatic - North - ION

2018 Order Schedule

Each season there are three order points to place an order for the North, Fanatic and ION equipment. Delivery is via seafreight which arrives approximately two months after the order cut-off.

In addition to these three orders, there are interim orders for smaller items delivered via airfreight approximately every month. Please contact for the next due date.

The schedule for the 2018 season is:

Order 1 - June 2017

 - with delivery: Late August 2017 - The first chance to order the brand new 2018 gear

Order 2 - September 2017

 - with delivery: November 2017 - Be ready just in time for Summer with the latest 2018 gear

Order 3 - December 2017

 - with delivery February 2018 - The last chance for the 2018 season range